Parenting Tips: Money, Chores, and Sloppy Work

By Jean Tracy, NW Author, Parent Newsletter

When you hand over money for your child’s allowance, is it for chores well done? Or are you too generous? Find out inside.

If you’re like most parents, you’re busy. You give your child chores. He does them. You give him his allowance. It’s so simple.

Once in awhile you check his work. If this is what you see, you might hold on to your money. Better yet raise your standards.

* Toys are stuffed under his bed.
* Dirty clothes are hiding in the back of his closet.
* His rumpled bed is full of hills and valleys.
* Dirty dishes are buried in his top dresser drawer.
* The pets are hungry.
* The garbage smells.
* The dishwasher’s stuffed with dirty dishes.
* There’s grease on the counter tops.
* The “clean” pots feel sticky.
* The dirt’s been swept under the table.

5 Parenting Tips to Ask Yourself:

With his present work habits, what will his future by like?

* What kind of grades will he earn in school?
* How many friends will drop him?
* How many jobs will he lose?
* How many fights will hurt his future marriage?
* How sloppy will his children be?

This is not a pretty picture. You can change it. Slow down. Raise your standards. Check his work.

Parenting Tips Conclusion for Money, Chores, and Sloppy Work:

Train your child to do to his chores. Expect a job well done. Hold on to your money when it’s sloppy. Give him his allowance when it’s well done. If you do, you’ll be giving him more than money. You’ll be awarding him with a sense of competence, a brighter future, and you’ll be building character too.

Your Personal Invitation:

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By Jean Tracy, NW Author, Parent Newsletter

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