When kids fight against your cell phone rules

By Jean Tracy, NW Author
KidsDiscuss.com, Parent Newsletter

Parents, do kids with cell phones drive you crazy? How do other parents discipline when cell phone rules are broken? Finally, what would you do if these children were yours?

1. Morgan, age 13, texts her friends when you’re talking with her, during dinner, and when you’re having family time. She also sends texts after midnight. Her phone bills are outrageous. You’re afraid to cut off her phone usage because she’ll stomp and scream to get her way. What will you do?

2. Twelve year-old Caleb has an iphone. His teacher caught him texting his friend during a test and took his phone away. The school rules that cell phones are not allowed. Parents must pick up the phones or the phones stay in the principal’s office. Caleb is pressuring you to get it back. He wants you to insist that he needs his iphone to be safe, especially when he walks home from school. Will you insist that Caleb keep his cell phone at home or be able to use it for safety wherever he needs it?

3. Ten year-old Caitlin wants an iphone like her older sister’s. “It isn’t fair,” she cries, “Everybody has them. I need to text my friends.” Will you give it to her?

Many homes have cell phone problems. Maybe yours does too. Take some time to think through your solutions. Leave your ideas below.

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Jean Tracy, NW Author
KidsDiscuss.com, Parent Newsletter

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