14 cell phone rules to give your teen

By Jean Tracy, NW Author
KidsDiscuss.com, Parent Newsletter

Before allowing your child to have a cell phone, create a contract together. Here are some rules you might include:

1. All contacts in the cell phone address book must be approved by Mom or Dad.
2. Texting may be done after homework and chores are completed.
3. No texting at dinner, during homework, family time, parent – child conversations, in school, or after 8 pm.
4. Cell phones will be kept with Mom or Dad after 8 pm and may be given the next day after school.
5. Web surfing is disabled.
6. When asked to turn off phone, it must be done immediately. If a second request is needed, phone will be taken away for a day.
7. There is a 2 hour limit for your cell phone use for the month. If you go over that time you must pay the bill before more cell phone time. Cell phone will be kept with Mom or Dad during this time.
8. Mom and Dad may review texts at a moment’s notice. No arguing.
9. If gossip, bad language, or immodest pictures are taken, iphone may be taken away for a specific time period or permanently.
10. Grades must be a “B” or above to keep cell phone privileges.
11. Keep cell phone on when out with friends so Mom or Dad can reach you if needed.
12. We’ll review this contract in 4 weeks to see if more cell phone privileges can be granted.
13. We’ll review this contract every 6 months for even more cell phone privileges.
14. We agree to the above by signing our signatures here: ____________ _____________

With Morgan, who texted whenever she wanted, you’ll need to face her rants and raves. You need to be the parent. She needs a contract.

With Caleb, this contract would settle his school problem. You won’t be manipulated by him either.

With Caitlin, let’s face it. She’s too young. When she gets older, you can work out a contract then.

Whatever you do, create a contract that fits with you, your pocketbook, and your child. Make sure your child has some say too.

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Jean Tracy, NW Author
KidsDiscuss.com, Parent Newsletter

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