Avoid the Marriage Power Trap

By Jean Tracy, NW Author
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If you find yourself taking charge of your relationship, imposing your opinions, and pressuring your spouse to do your bidding, you’re caught in the marriage power trap. The good news is you can change. If you’d like to improve your character by breaking free from this power trap, look inside my eBook, Parents in Love – 121 Dating Ideas. Here is an excerpt…

The Power Trap Story:

A few years ago, a former client walked up to me with hugs and tears. My grandchild played on the swings while we talked. This woman, a dark-haired blue-eyed beauty, had come for counseling with her boyfriend when she was a teenager. Her parents had died in a car accident. Her boyfriend’s family took her in.

Attractive, shy, and feeling trapped, she let her boyfriend drag her to counseling. He demanded that I tell her to obey him. He hated any signs of her independence. He wanted total control. After all, he planned on marrying her.

I must admit, I didn’t like his attitude.

When I didn’t oblige him, he left counseling. You see, he had no intention of letting his power go. He was totally trapped.

She remained. I wondered if she could rise above the pain of losing her parents. I wondered if she could break away from her controlling boyfriend. Could she make it on her own? After all, she was only 17.

She yearned for independence. But where would she go? How could she support herself? Little by little she began to speak up. Secretly, she made plans for her future. During her senior year in high school she…page 9.

If you think you might be too controlling and don’t want to lose your partner, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Do I think I know best?
2. Do I feel upset if I don’t get my own way?
3. Do I make demands rather than requests?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, read the 7 power trap solutions on page 10 of Parents in Love – 121 Dating Ideas . When you let go of controlling your partner, you’ll release yourself from the power trap. You’ll treat your partner as an equal. Your relationship will improve. Your date nights will improve too. Best of all, you’ll be building a more attractive character.

How do you handle power in your love relationship? Let me know. I’d like to know.

Jean Tracy, MSS shares 121 ways to enjoy a sizzling romance in her eBook, Parents in Love – 121 Dating Ideas. Find out more at http://www.kidsdiscuss.com/parents_in_love.asp and learn how to fall in love forever.

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