Life on the road of a comedian — Part 2

Sharon Lacey,
Portland comedian

A funny thing happened on the road to dementia

Live or Let Die? I was on my way to Austin, Texas, when a bird flew into my windshield.  It landed in the other lane behind me.  I pulled over, but before I could get to it, 4 big semi trucks rolled right over it.  Thankfully, each truck missed the bird.  I ran to it — it was still alive.  I tried to pick it up.  It struggled and tried to get away, but couldn’t fly.  So I picked it up and took it to some shady bushes away from the road.  I put some water in a little cup and left it near the bird.  I don’t know if I did more harm than good.  Maybe it will lie there and die a slow, agonizing death.  Maybe an animal will come along and eat it.  But I just couldn’t let it’s beautiful life end being smashed on a desolate road in Texas.  Was I wrong?

In a dual attempt to fend off Alzheimer’s and fulfill a lifelong dream, Sharon Lacey quit her 23 year career as a teacher and hit the road doing standup comedy. Sometimes the moments in between shows are the most memorable.

Sharon LaceyPortland comedian

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