Life on the road with a comedian – Part 3

Sharon Lacey,
Portland comedian

A funny thing happened on the road to dementia

Maybe it was because I tried to save that bird that hit my rental car while I was on my way to Austin, Texas yesterday.  Maybe not.  But I received a beautiful gift this morning. I was sleeping in my car in a little park in Brownwood, Texas.  Suddenly, about dawn, I heard scrabbling noises on my car.  I peeked out from under my blanket.  There, looking in at me from the front windshield, was a beautiful red cardinal! At least, I think it was a cardinal  We don’t have birds like this in Portland, Oregon, so I’m not sure. As I slowly reached for my camera, the bird walked around on the car, and eventually discovered the side view mirror.  It kept flying away and coming back, looking at its reflection in the mirror.  What an awesome way to wake up….something I never would have experienced if I had shelled out the money for a cheap hotel.

— In a dual attempt to fend off Alzheimer’s and fulfill a lifelong dream, Sharon Lacey quit her 23 year career as a teacher and hit the road doing standup comedy. Sometimes the moments in between shows are the most memorable.

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