My Garage Smells like French Toast!

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I told my husband this week that I love my new garage kitchen. I actually have more room cooking than I did in my old kitchen.  It takes the pressure off of things having to be perfect and tidy.  I love the camping feel! We already had a fridge in the garage, we hooked up the stove, and now the only thing I’m missing is my oven (I’ve already borrowed my neighbors!), as we make our way through this remodel.

Abby and her friends woke up early last week and wanted French Toast!  No problem!

One thing about an imperfect “camping” kitchen is that things that normally aren’t out on the counter – are out on the counter! I wish I could always leave plastic wrap out – it’s so handy!

Our family went through one kitchen remodel in our previous house.  We knew what to expect this time, but I have to say my new garage-organized kitchen has made this experience kinda fun! I guess it’s good that I have a good attitude, because we’re doing a lot of work on our own (nights and weekends) so I’m in it for the long-haul!

Have you survived a remodel? And if you could leave anything out on the counter for simplicity reasons (but you feel like it should be tucked away), what would it be?

The winner to Ness’s joural is … Kathryn from Full Life Simple Heart!

And remember this recipe?  Pat’s French Toast?  Delicious!
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