National Rudeness De-appreciation Week: Kayne, Serena, Joe

By Evergreen,

We need a National Rudeness De-appreciation Week to honor Kayne West, Congressman Wilson, Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

At The MTV awards, rap-star,  Kayne West interrupted the thank you speech of a 19-year old girl to root for the other nominee. During a special Presidential address Congressman Joe Wilson interrupted Obama’s speech by calling him a liar. Both U.S. tennis stars. Serena Williams and Roger Federer, had profanity laced attacks on their judges in an attempt to bully their way to a better ruling.  Where are our manners?

MTV kicked Kayne West out of the awards show.  How about kicking him off the station for a year?  That is real punishment.  Kayne should show his better spirits by appearing jointly with Taylor for a more public resolution and apology.  Kayne could even buy 1000 of Taylor Swift’s CDs and give them out on Time’s Square.   The idea is to build something from what you have destroyed.

As for Wilson, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demanded he apologize on the House Floor.  Wilson refuses, claiming he has already apologized directly to the White House and that is enough.  Really?  Wilson broke the rules in the Chambers of Congress, before a Congressional assembly  therefore he should apologize to his colleagues.  Wilson’s private apology followed up by a video raising a million dollars where he demands he will not be muzzled is not a sincere apology.  Obviously being muzzled is not Wilson’s problems.  Pelosi should go forward with her plan to rebuke him on the House Floor.

Finally, let us have a National Rudeness De-appreciation Week to honor these bad mannered celebrities. Every year, during the second week of September the public can submit nominees and vote for those latest idiots who have worked so hard to attain it.

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