Is it safe to have kids in reality shows?

By Evergreen, NW writer,

The video above was not only a segment from a popular reality Tv show but the clip has been viewed over a million times on the internet. I chuckled at the video but also worried about the privacy and well-being of the child acting foolish before millions of viewers. As reality programs operate, many of the good deeds get left out and the bad ones get edited together, often giving a false impression. Survivor was criticized for trying to emphasize how hungry and emaciated contestants were by showing body shots of bone thin people who were not even on the show.

These reality programs show such behavior out of context. When inappropriate actions are shown in an entertainment setting it can send the opposite sends message to kids who would replicate the bad behavior.

I still feel uneasy about the child’s privacy being invaded and manipulated. Whatever he does it will be with him for the rest of his life. I am not sure his parents have considered this when they accepted the cash payment and signed the contract.

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