The Secret of Dealing with Bullies

Is there a bully hurting your child? Does he poke fun of your child in front of others? Does he hit? Look inside to find out how the family meeting can help. How do you know when to step in? What should you do first? Consider starting with the family meeting.  Of course if the bully is physically abusing your child, you must step in.

Imagine gathering the family together and discussing the bully. Go around the room asking for information. Let each child speak. Make sure no one interrupts or hogs the conversation. Discuss the following:

·     Find out what the bully does to your child

·     Ask if your child wants help

·     What do the other siblings think should be done

·     Who thinks the school authorities should be told

·     Make a plan for dealing with the bully that your child accepts

Kids love helping each other deal with problems. They don’t want bullies hurting their brothers or sisters. They also have the power to come up with great solutions. Your bullied child will feel the family support too. What a special way to bring the family close together!

How does your family deal with bullies? Share your solutions below.

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