BB King stood to defend women

What BB King told women at the recent Portland concert
Guest opinion,

At age 84, Blues legend B.B. King toured in Oregon last week, and came with a message.  In the middle of the blues concert he stopped playing and addressed the audience.  To paraphrase what the King of Blues had to say; “Many of you may be aware of a campaign I have been undertaken for many years.  I have been trying to get the brothers to stop bad talking the ladies.  Let me say it, God made every woman beautiful.   I will say it again, God made every woman beautiful. “  At this point the crowd cheered and said amen.

King continued, “I respect these young brothers.  They are the most talented people I know.  If you don’t believe me, you just try to rhyme every sentence you say.  But they still need to stop talking down the ladies because God made every woman beautiful and special .   And I mean eeeeeeeevery single one of them!”

King spoke more and then later had the men in the audience hold on their partners and sing the song You are my sunshine.   Then King asked for all the couples to kiss.

This was a tender moment in light of a music world that has seemed to be so negative, exploitative and punishing to women. I can only hope that King’s personal crusade will change the hearts and minds of some of our fellow musicians.

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