Women’s Survey: Should late parents be fined by schools

Oregon Women’s Report Reader Survey,

1. A Portland school is fining parents who are late in picking up their children. After a 10 minute grace time, parents are fined $5 for every 10 minutes they are late. Do you agree/disagree?

Even though the numbers of those who agreed and disagreed were very close, those who responded held very distinct and strong opinions, as can be seen in the following “Comments”: 


– I worked at the YMCA and would never charge this much in this economy.

– The school district should have a list of emergency contacts for situations like this.

– I think the regulation is ridiculous, not to mention my tax dollars pay for the schools to be open after shool is dismissed, so they owe me their time.

– Being a private school teacher, I remember the extra hous we’d have to sit waitingfor parents. Time when we’d like to be home with our own kids. But, there should be grace times allowed before fines set in.

– If parents are being fined for being late, then teachers and administrators should be fined for wasting class time like in-service days and conference days.

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