Survey: Women Cautious Over Inner-Office Dating

Oregon Women’s Report Reader Survey

A recent Oregon Women’s Report survey shows that the majority of women feel inner-office dating could be allowed in some cases. However, it is apparent there are many factors that would need to be considered in making the decision.

When asked, “if you were a boss, how would you treat inner-office dating?” The results show:

-79% would allow it in some cases (if there is no direct supervisor/employee roles)

-14% would allow it freely

-7% would always prohibit inner-office dating

Submitted remarks seem to conclude it would be acceptable if it doesn’t affect the work environment, but that may be an unrealistic outcome, as indicated in the following comments:

– It would depend upon the type of work and the work environment

– It would be acceptable as long as it does not interfere with work or favoritism could be a factor

– It is up to the person. I am married to a man I met on the job 20 years ago.

– If it doesn’t affect the work, it is not our business.

– They say that it is all after hours stuff, but witnessing the real life office drama I have seen, yikes!

– You can’t contain it. It always spills over.

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