Extraordinary Measures Movie: From Oregon with love

Oregon Women’s Report Movie Review,

The movie Extraordinary Measures carries a special gift from Oregon and to Oregon.  The film starring Harrison Ford and Brenden Fraiser is a story of an iconoclast scientist who teams up with an entrepreneur dad desperately trying to save his two kids with Pompe disease.  It is inspired by true events which makes the movie more real and fascinating to watch.   It was filmed in Oregon where our beaches, mountains and cities are in full display. The Oregon setting helps you feel like these heroes could be our heroes and these kids with the Pompe disease could be our kids.  Your heart cannot but help feel more connected with the story of these real-life people.  I highly recommend seeing it in the theater to share this experience.

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Harrison Ford picked up this script idea from a 2003 Wall Street Journal article and helped it to reach the silver screen.  The path to saving the two kids is no straight line.  Instead it is a zigzag journey through couragous actions, scientific politics, undiscovered pathways and human conflicts that strains the best of friendships.   I deeply appreciated this film for its inspiration and this complex journey it traveled.

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