My confession. I am addicted to reality shows.

Sharon Lacey,
Portland comedian

I have a dirty little secret. I’m hooked on reality shows. There.  I’ve said it. I’m an intelligent woman, with a lot on my plate; a fun, full, busy life. But I still make time for Survivor. And I know I’m not alone. Amazing Race wouldn’t be on after all these years if no one was watching.  There must be millions of us staying loyal to Big Brother, not telling our friends, relatives, or employers, lest we seem too…weird. If we’re caught, we say we’re doing an assignment for that Sociology class we forgot to mention we were taking.

To ease my guilt, I ride my exercise bike while watching. Which fit right in when I got hooked on The Biggest Loser.

Compounding the problem, I have very little time to watch any of these shows, since I’m usually on the road performing standup comedy around the country.  So I record them on TIVO. I often have 30 shows stacked up waiting for me to find time to watch them after I get back to Portland.  TIVO has just become one more “to do” list in my life that I can feel guilty about not completing!

I can see the comments pouring in already:  “Unplug the TV!!!”  Easy for you to say; you obviously haven’t gotten sucked into the new season of The Bachelor.

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