Poll: People want Tiger Woods to speak up

Oregon Women’s Report Survey,

1. Do you feel Tiger Woods owes the public a greater apology? People saying YES say that Tiger is a widely held public figure and role model who committed infidelity with as many as 10 women and such behavior demands greater accountability. People saying NO say that Tiger is still a human being and has privacy rights and must look out in what is the best interest of his family. What do you believe?

Survey comments…

– To reach my decision, I asked myself does Tiger owe me an apology? No. He owes his wife, sponsors and gold followers an apology.

– Let Tiger retreat and lick his wounds. Enough!

– He owes me no apology, but he does anyone who used to admire him.

–   It obviously wasn’t about a real relationship with one woman who wasn’t his wife. It was about sex with anyone pretty, and that deserves an apology.

– It would be good for him and the public if he did.

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