Choosing Art: Easy as 1-2-3

Ten Tips for Art Placement Success
Wall Design Diva,
Tigard, Oregon

How do you know what image will be “right” for your interior space? You loved it when you first saw it in the store. It reminded you of the place where you grew up or that fabulous vacation you took two years ago. Maybe the colors were among your favorites. It just seemed to evoke the right mood for your room…………..

Have you ever shopped for art and carried home a framed piece only to discover that it was the wrong size…shape…or feeling! Something just didn’t work. These are common challenges that consumers have when choosing anything for their home. Some of us will never have the flair that it takes to make great interior design decisions, but can learn simple guidelines, apply basic principles and achieve a great look! The following three tips will help you when making art purchases.

You don’t have to own original art to create a space that has charm, individuality, and pizzazz. My parents’ generation had few options for art resources. Original art was essentially the only option available. Now, no matter what your income level, there is something you can afford! As with all product purchases it is vital to understand what you are buying. Product knowledge is important when making buying decisions and art is no exception. There are many forms of wall art available today from open edition images to original works. The possibilities are endless. It might be a good idea to keep these three guidelines in mind when shopping.


The color of an image can definitely enhance or detract from the space. Consider repeating the colors in the space when selecting art. Take the opportunity to introduce additional colors in your space that appear in the art, colors that can be incorporated as accents. Art is the perfect inspiration for color!


Another consideration when searching for art is the style of your space. Or better yet, your unique style! There are no “rules”, however good design and smooth color transition is the key. Variety is the spice of life and interior design is no exception. As you become confident with art selection, you may want to mix different styles of art. Carry out a theme or add an element of surprise!


When you have a location in mind, there are guidelines to follow when choosing art. There may be limitations to the size of the image that will fit into the space you are decorating. If the art image is printed on paper, you can design the matting to accommodate a larger space. If the art is canvas, then you are more limited in your options to change the size from small to large.

Is your space one in which the image should be portrait, taller than wide? Or is it best to have a landscape shape, wider than tall? Maybe it should be square? It is a definite consideration when shopping for the best image. Take along a small notebook with measurements and photos of the space you are decorating, such as width of sofa, fireplace mantel and height of space above mantle.

It’s all part of creating the Fine Art of Wall Design!

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