Hospitality: Keep it Simple!

by Sandy,
Reluctant Entertainer Blog,
Oregon author

Many times I’ve been inspired by comments that I get from readers. One friend was getting ready to speak about hospitality in her church, and she emailed me for advice. I loved her heart when she made this statement to me, and I could just visualize what a beautiful, thoughtful person she is!

When people come into my home, I want them to know that I have spent time preparing for them and that they are important enough to me that I would take time out of my day to do something to make them feel special.

Can’t you just imagine having dinner in her home?

But I really wanted her to share this with the women …

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or money to take the extra step to make things special, or they may feel pressured that they have to do these extra things in order to entertain. Hospitality doesn’t have to be showy in any way.

I encouraged her to stay with the idea of keeping things simple: simple meal, even order out, just clean one bathroom and have the area you’ll be hanging out in picked up — that is enough.”

My advice: Approach hospitality very simply!

Do you get overwhelmed when you think of the word “hospitality?”

(Top photo (and showing our yummy salads) is of me and my friend Ellen B from The Happy Wonderer blog. Ellen and her husband invited my husband and me out to dinner this last week at a fancy restaurant. It was as if we’d known each other for years, although it was our first time to meet! When you’re a hospitable person, you just know how to reach out … Thank you, Ellen B!)

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