Poll: Women say Tiger not ready. Go back to rehab.

Oregon W omen’s Report reader survey,

As Tiger’s first game since his scandal, it has raised the question on whether it si too soon for him to playing.  We posed this question to our web readers; “After 45 days in rehab over his affairs with 12 women, Tiger Woods has announced he is returning to a golf tournament next month. Do you feel Tiger is ready?”.  Here is their answer.

Comments below:

–    I want to see the toxicology report from his blood test after the accident.
–    None of my business; don’t care –
–   Ready for golf, yes. He’ll need the extra cash to pay his mistresses.
–    And I really don’t care…he’s a golfer, let him play golf. He’s also a cad, so let him get a caddy!
–    Is Golf more important than his marriage? I guess so
–    It might be a good distraction from his real life problems.
–    Is three months too long to ask, the fans can wait but a family cannot
–  Tiger needs to learn that the grass at the Master’s Golf game is not greener on the other side.  You cannto simply run away from your problem Mr. Woods

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