The golden rules of yard sales

Yard Sales: Be Content with one Find!
by Sandy, Southern Oregon
Reluctant Entertainer

I hate wasting time. And having a long list of yard sales to go to is just that for me. A big waste of time.

I’ve learned over the years that I need to be wise with my time and my money.
* From your list of sales, pick out 3 to go to
* Be selective, don’t buy anything you don’t need
* Stop at 3 sales – don’t be obsessed with finding a perfect bargain

Don’t waste time

How many times have I gone from sale to sale and picked up junk? And have come home and felt like I just wasted 2 hours of precious time.

One find is enough

If I can walk away with one precious find, that is enough for me.

We don’t always have to have this over-consumptive feel inside that we need more, and that a purchase is going to make us happy.

Be content with ONE find and walk away!

I found an awesome entry table. It was perfect for a space that I had been looking to fill. It made my entry seem inviting and warm. So I bought it for $20. And then I drove home.

Sometimes we think we have to keep buying. I’ve found enjoyment in finding just one item, and stopping at that.

Which brings me back to my philosophy: keep things simple.

Are you good about finding one bargain, and then walking away?

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