Express Your Unique Personality, Start With Art!

By Suzanne
The Wall Design Diva

So, now you have the time and money to finally decorate that special space in your home. What do you do when there are no inspirations for color or style? In other words, it is not easy to decide these things when you have no point of reference, nothing to start with. It is hard to know where to start, isn’t it? For example, if you have a sofa that you must keep, then you may start with that. At least you have a color and possibly a style.

Start With Art! for inspiration.

There is another way of approaching the design process. Begin with your art selection. Choose a piece of art for the focal point of your room. When I meet with a client for the first time, my goal is to learn about their unique style. I cut to the chase quickly so that we can begin making furnishing selections and specifying other design elements. Choice of art is the best clue to style and color preference. We begin by browsing through art catalogs. Try this approach to your design project. You can determine your colors and style easily when you have a piece of art in mind. The discoveries are amazing!

Start With Art! to determine your style.

Spend some time looking at a variety of different images. It is amazing how you will be attracted to images that are related by color and style. Ask yourself what you like about them. For example, one subject for the artist is “floral still life.” There are endless images available in this subject category. Let’s take a look at a few and discuss the styles. Start With Art! to determine your colors.

Say you are going to redo your dining room. This would be a wonderful art image for the space. There are so many rich colors to work with! The TAN shade is excellent for wall color. You could paint the ceiling in CLARET and use the other colors for the chair covers and accessories. Another approach would be to paint the walls red. The blue would be fabulous used in glassware!

We display art because it expresses our unique style and personality and is truly the glue that pulls a room together. It puts your unique “personal stamp” on your interior spaces!

Start with art! It is usually the focal point of any room and can be the inspiration for the colors and style that you are seeking.

The selection of one color out of a fan deck of thousands is far more challenging than choosing an image you love. Find the art first and then bring together colors and furnishings with it in mind! You don’t have to own original art to create a space that has charm, individuality, and pizzazz.

It’s all part of creating the Fine Art of Wall Design!

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