What to do when your kid lies

5 Easy Solutions When Your Kids Lie
By Jean Tracey,

Does your child tell fibs? Is he getting a reputation for lying? Find out why he lies and how to help him tell the truth.  Excerpt from Back Talk Street and Larry the Liar, page 75. One day Larry, the smallest boy on Back Talk Street, puffed out his chest and walked up to Bubba, Victor, and Peter. Sammy, Larry’s brother, ran down the hill to join them.

‘I wish Sammy would stay home,’ thought Larry.

“What do you two dumbbells want?” asked Victor.

“Sammy and I caught a thirty-pound salmon in Granny Jean’s pond yesterday,” lied Larry.

“A thirty-pound fish! That’s the stupidest lie you’ve ever told,” argued Peter.

“You’re too skinny and Sammy’s too lazy to catch a thirty-pound salmon even if there was one in Granny Jean’s Pond,” sneered Bubba.

“We did too!” protested Larry.

Sammy thought to himself, ‘Larry doesn’t even know how to fish. I’m the one who knows and I’ve never caught anything bigger than 6 inches.  I wish Larry would stop lying.’

“Let’s go home, Larry. I think it’s time for lunch,” suggested Sammy.

Larry just gave Sammy a dirty look and thought, ‘Go home yourself, Sammy. You’re wrecking everything.’

Raising kids who lie can break your heart. You know something’s wrong but what?

Here Are Two Reasons Why Kids Aren’t Truthful:

1. To protect themselves from criticism

2. To look more important than they think they are

What Is Lying?

A lie is like a mask covering the truth. It’s a form of hiding. If lying becomes a habit, it may become natural to exaggerate, deceive, and lie.

Larry wanted to fit in with the big boys. He wanted them to admire him. He lied to increase his reputation. Why? Because he didn’t feel “good enough.”

If this feels like your child, use character building stories like Larry the Liar. Get your child to think about his own behavior by listening to Larry’s.

Parents, Pay Attention Here:

If you’re the parent of such a child, use stories with character building questions  like Back Talk Street

Find out what your child’s thinking. It’s the key to helping him change his behavior.

5 Great Questions Leading to 5 Key Solutions

1. What did Larry need to learn about telling the truth and making friends?

2. Do you trust kids who lie? Why?

3. Do you ever tell a lie? Why?

4. Why is telling the truth better than telling a lie?

5. What advice would you give to kids who lie?

Talk with your spouse. Consider what actions to take. Ask yourselves, “What can we do to change our child into a truthful person?  Brainstorm together. Question your own behaviors too. You will come up with answers.

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