What to do with an ex-Lover’s art

By Evergreen,
Portland writer

A former dating friend of mine was an artists, and who was nice enough to paint a picture just for me.  It was a still life picture that fit perfect in my kitchen.   Since, then we have gone our separate ways.   A while back I received the wedding announcement in the mail and we have never spoken since.  Fondness for this special person fills my heart, but yet a sober sadness remains in that our time together has ended.

A few years later and now I feel restless to get rid of the picture.   It just feels odd in my house and it needs to go.     I cannot just throw it away.  It is art, lovely art, and it just seems like a crime to destroy it.  It is hard to give art away because everyone has different tastes.

This weekend I landed on a good solution.

I decided to donate it.   That way if we ever met in the future I can say I did the noble thing.  Goodwill seemed to be the best choice.   Yet, sometimes Goodwill will not accept certain items.  Artwork, which is big and not an easy re-sell, seemed like something they might refuse.    I decided to bunch a group of donated items together with the artwork and try to slip it in.   Upon approaching the parked Goodwill truck I noticed the helped was stacking items in the truck.   That provided me the perfect chance to quietly place my items and artwork in the truck, say thank you, and skip out of sight.

I hope I did the right thing.   I sort of feel like the mother of Moses, sending a child down the Nile river to continue a life of its own.   If anyone has a better idea, please le tme know.

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