Portland Fashion Show: Feast for the eyes!

By Karen Vitt,
Portland style, shopping, trends.

Team Neat Sheet stormed the Oregon Convention Center Saturday night to gobble up a fashion feast presented by The Art Institute of Portland, the school’s annual graduate showing of senior designer fashion collections.  The “A Feast for the Eyes” Fashion Show” was staged in two parts over a long evening that included plenty of mixing and mingling by some of Portland’s most fashionable folks, plus a silent auction to raise funds for Oregon Food Bank and the school’s Creative Arts Scholarship fund.

Part One of the spectacle featured a foodie fashion show titled “Cocoa’s Culinary Couture,” showing colorful costumes crafted with everything from Chinese take-out boxes and coffee filters to candy and metal spoons. It was a fun and theatrical production, but we were even more excited to see what this year’s 18 graduating seniors brought to the table.

OSI Photography was kind enough to share these stellar event photos with us, so we can all have a look at the creative work presented by these up-and-coming Portland fashion designers. The second half of the show was filled with understated, classic collections and downright sexy streetwear. We saw glimpses into both the past and future, hip hop style, Medieval punk, filmy “I Dream of Jeannie” stuff, “Alice in Wonderland” inspirations and more. We invite you to feast your eyes on all this neat new Portland talent.

Mihaela Munteanu: Moontess

Andrea Egan: Minerva

Eddie Shander: Medieval Punk

Velia Salinas: Ghetto Blastin Sounds

Megan McGugan: Aviation Flights

Alexandra Gallatin: Future Tense

Sudan Price: Ki

Claire Wolfson: Loagy Bay, A Time Travelers Collection

Kristina Franklin: Crystallized Flowers

Julie Grasher: La Bayadère

Etain Wilday: Steam Dream

Jason Weiner: Pale Rider

Cora Lee Poole: Chinook

Melissa Gaynor: Still Life

Johanna Lindstrom: Take the Helm

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