The curse of living in Oregon

By Jen Rouse
The Short Years

Oregon Blog

I really, really love Oregon. I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never really been tempted to consider moving elsewhere. I think it’s stunningly beautiful and got everything you could want in the way of variety–cities and forests, beaches and mountains, deserts and valleys. And normally, I do not mind the frequently-rainy weather at all.

Except when it interferes with my plans.

You see, I’ve got two little girls with birthdays very soon, and we’ve been planning a big joint birthday bash. In three days. At their favorite park. Yep, park. Outside. With only one small covered shelter.

Right now, I’m looking out the window at my rosebushes being whipped to bits by heaving winds. Raindrops coat the windows. I can hear the droplets pounding the roof and the water gushing out the downspout.

Oregon, Oregon, why do you do this to me? Why are you so unpredictable? Why, weather, why can’t you cooperate with me? Two years ago, when I was massively pregnant with Evie, we decided to have Lucy’s birthday a little early so as to avoid me going into labor at the party. So we had it in May that year, and it was so freakishly hot that we were all miserable and the ice cream melted instantaneously. It was over 100 degrees.

And now this year we’re again celebrating in May, and apparently we’re going to get a hurricane. Well, actually the current forecast for Saturday says: “Occasional showers possible.” I’m trying to focus in on those first and last words. Occasional showers. Possible. Not: it is definitely going to rain on your little girls’ party.

Now, we can of course transfer the party to an indoor location if the weather looks wretched. But I know the girls will be sad to miss out on the big park shindig they had planned on. And I hate to make my girls sad.

I don’t generally believe that God arranges the weather to suit our particular convenience. As my friend Jennifer said, I don’t believe in the God of parking spaces. But…if the weather did happen to improve in time for the weekend…I just might be giving thanks for a small miracle.

P.S. Before I even got around to hitting “publish post” on this thing, the rain had stopped and sunshine and blue sky were breaking through. See what I mean? Unpredictable.

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