Mistake parents make at Little League games

Parenting Tips: One Big Miskake Parents Make with Their Kids at Little League Games
By Jean Tracy
Kids Discuss
NW Parenting expert

Have you ever been at your kids’ Little League Games and felt embarrassed for one of the kids? Did her parents yell insults?

Beau and Rosalie’s Advice: Remember the Goal of Sports!  This parenting tip come from my friends, Beau and Rosalie. They raised two excellent sons because their followed their own advice.

Like most kids the boys played sports. Beau and Rosalie witnessed many parents losing their tempers at Little League games. This is their advice:

“Remember the goals of sports. Rather than yell and criticize your kids at Little League games, remember the goals of team sports. Instead of yelling insults, use phrases like, ‘Good job! You played well, especially when you…'(Fill it in), and ‘Way to go!'”

Beau and Rosalie’s parenting tip reminds me of a client I counseled who pressured his kids, yelled at them during their games, and criticized them afterward. One child dropped out of sports even though she had lots of natural talent. The other child seethed with anger even though he achieved great success. Both kids are now adults. Neither child comes home to visit. Their dad feels regret but it’s too late.

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