Parenting Advice From A Dad

by Jean Tracy, MSS

NW Parenting expert

This parenting tip comes from my oldest son, Scott. He and Andrea have 2 daughters, Paula and Daniela. The girls are unique, fun, and hard working. They are going to spend the weekend. I can hardly wait.

Parenting Tip from Scott — Be Firm:

“When it is time for your child to come out of Time Out, ask her why she was sent there. If she says, ‘I don’t know,’ tell your child to go back until she does know. (This is providing you made it clear why she was sent there in the first place.) It may take three or four times before she admits her misbehavior and answers you. In the end your child will learn self control and to take responsibility for her own behavior.”

Guess what? Scott was sent to Time Out many times as a child. It gave him time to think about his misbehavior. It helped him take responsibility for his misbehavior. It taught the self-discipline to delay immediate pleasure and strive for long-term goals. I have to admit, though, he didn’t like Time Out at the time.

It pleases me that Scott and Andrea use Time Out with their girls. They never hit their girls. Time Out is their way of being firm. I think their use of Time Out is what makes the girls so much fun to be with. I can take them anywhere and be proud of them. One more thing, I’ve noticed my my granddaughters talk a lot more than my boys ever did.

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