Crazy JetBlue flight attendant is a felon not a hero

Crazy JetBlue flight attendant is no hero
By Evergreen,
Oregon writer

The fed-up JetBlue flight attendant, Steven Slater, who jumped out od the plane in hail of swearing and beer now has nearly a quarter million Facebook fans.   Why?   He is no hero!  Now that he is looking at two felonies that could cost him seven years in prison — he maybe an actual criminal.

I know the story sounds good.  Fed-up flight attendant gets angry at rude passenger and bails out of plane with beer and wild words as he sails off on the emergency chute.  We laugh at him but forget the pain he causes others.  Doing an emergency exit puts the plane at risk of being delayed and passengers missing their next flights.   Having the cops being called out also does nothing but put other flights at risk.  IF you have traveled you know that one problem can cascade into delayed flights for 12 hours.   Simply stated, you cannot throw tantrums at high security areas.

What is with the swearing at everyone else for the problems of a single passenger.  Why punish everyone for the actions of one person.

News reports show that Steven Slater may have had a fight with the flight crew before the incident started.   That really makes him look even worse.

Steven Slater is no hero, but a bad role model.  Part of me feels for the boy, but the better part of me realizes that his actions put too many people at risk to ignore punishment when we have punished others for lesser crimes.

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