Saving Money on Back to School

By Erika Weisensee, Oregon Writer

Ads are everywhere reminding parents to buy, buy, buy for back to school. School supplies, new shoes, backpacks, not to mention the latest fashions—it can cost a small fortune to send kids back to the classroom.  But there are ways to save money and still keep the kids happy.

Here’s how:

– Find out where the good sales are and shop those stores.

– Since we tend to have nice weather the first few weeks of school, consider waiting a few weeks to buy clothing for colder weather.

– Look for deals at discount stores like Target and Old Navy. They are not only reasonably priced but also fashion forward for kids who want to look cool.

– If you splurge, do so on something special. When shopping for my little guy, I usually stay away from those pricey kids’ stores in the mall. He grows too fast to spend a fortune on one outfit!

– Shop at children’s consignment stores. There seem to be more and more good quality consignment stores selling gently worn children’s things. The quality tends to be much better than at the large thrift stores.

– Hand-me-downs are awesome. No kid wants to wear an entire wardrobe of clothes handed down from an older sibling. But when friends or family members are passing down good quality items, it sure is helpful.

– Roomy is better. Error on the side of getting things just a little bit big so they can be worn longer.

– Don’t buy too much! Previous generations owned a fraction of the clothes that we tend to have now. If kids are involved in picking out their clothes and really like them, they might not feel the need to have so much.

I’d love to hear your ideas for saving money on back to school.


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