Why The Dishes Can Wait

By Erika Weisensee, Oregon Mom

I’m the proud mom of a three-year-old boy. I work part-time and my home is also my office.  I love it when the house is clean and tidy, but it never seems to stay that way very long. You could say I’m learning to relax my standards a bit. I prefer to say I’m learning to enjoy my days a little bit more.

Cause, guess what? The dishes can wait and maybe the bed doesn’t need to be made first thing in the morning, and it’s okay if there’s a Cheerio or two between the sofa cushions and little fingerprints all over the windows.

Here are some reasons why “the dishes can wait” has become my summer motto. The dishes can wait because. . . . .

  • Just look outside! These are glorious sunny days!
  • No one is coming over to judge me on how clean my kitchen is anyway.
  • I need to call a friend.
  • I feel like taking a walk.
  • I have a writing deadline.
  • I owe someone an email.
  • I’m reading a really good book.
  • My son wants to play, or snuggle, or read a book, or go outside and play.

Well, it’s getting late and you guessed it, now I need to go do all of those dishes.


Erika Weisensee, a writer and native Oregonian, lives in Milwaukie and teaches journalism and communication courses at the University of Portland.

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