Portland shops mixes vintage shopping & Booze?

By Erin Flesch, NEAT contributor
Portland style, shopping, trends.

Portland’s variety of local vintage clothing shops and second hand stores keep our shopping scene fun and interesting, and we’re happy to announce the arrival of a new addition to the mix – and this one has got a extra twist. Palace of Industry, a vintage boutique tucked away in North Portland, has just opened up and it’s more than just a cute collective of well-edited clothing and old fashioned décor — it is also part bar and café!

Putting our two favorite things together (drinking + shopping) in one stop is more than enough to get us in the door, and once we stepped inside we knew we’d be staying for awhile, and possibly calling friends over to meet us for a glass of afternoon Pinot, cup of homemade chowder and the chance to discover some well worn treasures.

Palace of Industry carries an excellent selection of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as household items, books, art, furniture, and other compulsory ephemera, with some new stuff thrown in to keep things fresh.

The atmosphere is so chill, you’ll feel like you’re hanging out in the basement of the some super cool grandma with killer taste (and booze) that you can shop from too! We’re gonna chock this up to another win for the North Portland shopping scene. Congrats, Palace of Industry!

Palace of Industry

5426 N. Gay Avenue; 503-477-7313

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