Top 20 Final Details You Must Do For Your Special Day

By Sweet Dreams Weddings and Events

Even though the summer is coming to an end the bridal season isn’t. Fall will be here soon along with the beautiful & natural color changes in our breathtaking Oregon sceneries, Brides are still getting married outside at a vineyard or a farmers field & partying the night away in a fabulous venue or in a decorated barn.  So all the brides-to-be getting married in the next few months here is a list you need to print out and use.
Top 20 Final Details:
1.    Apply for your marriage license at least 30 days prior to wedding date
2.    Confirm your travel arrangements for your Honeymoon
3.    Confirm reservations for your rehearsal dinner
4.    Send off “thank you” notes for wedding gifts delivered to your home
5.    Break in your fabulous wedding shoes
6.    Have your gown pressed & veil steamed
7.    Don’t leave you gown in the bag after pressing- hang high & fluff train over a chair back
8.    Pack for your honeymoon- make sure you have all travel documents & medical documents
9.    Put together your wedding survival kit ( Tylenol, band aids, clear nail polish, hair spray,  shout wipes, bobby pins, flats in case your feet start to hurt.) ect.
10.    Final confirmations with all your service providers week before
11.    Prepare all final payment envelopes for providers and give them to your planner for disbursement.
12.    prepare your tip envelopes and give them to your planner for disbursement
13.    Wrap all your attendants gifts
14.    Write note reminders to all your attendants to remember their photo ID’s – you can attach them to their gifts
15.    Contact your DJ to make sure they know how to pronounce yours and all of your wedding attendants names prior to the reception
16.    Have your Groom packs 2 extra pairs of black dress socks
17.    Give your marriage license to the officiant at rehearsal
18.    Make sure to get your pedicure, manicure & a massage so you are relaxed for your big day
19.    Pack a pashmina wrap- to help keep you warm yet stylish
20.    Don’t forget your rings!!!

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