10 items you are wildly overpaying for

Below is an amazing list of overpriced items from the minds at Walletprop — read the article to get the full surprising picture.

1. Text messages: 6,000% markup
2. Bottled water: 4,000% markup
3. Movie theater popcorn: 1,275% markup
4. Brand name drugs: 200% – 3,000% markup
5. Hotel mini bar: 400% markup
6. Coffee: 300% markup
7. Wine: 300% markup
8. Greeting cards: 200% markup
9. Hotel in-room movies: 200% markup
10. Pre-cut vegetables and fruits: 40% markup

Don’t be too enraged because some perspective is in order.  For instance, on brand name drugs it often takes a billion dollars to research and invent the perfect pill with much trial and error.

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