Chilean miner story deserves the media spotlight

By Erika Weisensee, Oregon Writer

Far too often the headlines are dominated by sensational stories of Hollywood stars and their pathetic escapades, crime stories that emphasize the worst of humanity, or petty partisan politics.  Last night, however, a miracle unfolded in Chile and the human drama—the real life drama—played out on television for the world to see.

The story of 33 miners trapped underground for more than two months is a story that epitomizes human goodness—from the courage of the miners, to the ingenuity and commitment of their rescuers, to the celebration of people around the world as they watched the miners emerge from a capsule into the arms of their loved ones.

It is a story that deserves the attention it was getting on the networks last night, and it deserves the front pages of the papers today.

God bless the miners, their families, and the hundreds of people who worked to keep them alive and bring them to safety.


Erika Weisensee is a native Oregonian and teaches journalism and communication classes at the University of Portland.

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