Weird pet names

By Randall W. Haveman, DVM, MS
Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital, PC
Happy Valley, Oregon

As a Veterinarian, I am amazed at the creativity that goes into naming pets.  Some just fit, like the terrier named Fast Eddie, the Dalmatian named Dominoe, and the constantly purring cat named Purrsalot.   Some are opposites like the Yorkie named Spike, the Great Dane named Tiny, and the Hamster named Commodore Puddles III.  The name weighed more than the animal.   We are entertained and delighted and once in awhile astonished or put off by our patients names, especially crude names.  Below are the results of the VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) company’s third annual employee choice list of the 10 weirdest names for cats and dogs.


Just … wow.

A VPI spokesperson says some of the owners who picked these oddball names rejected others because it would have been too embarrassing to call the name in public. What, “Optimus Pants” and “Admiral Pancake” aren’t too embarrassing?  Many have references to bodily functions, food, human characters, or just have a story.

VPI employees picked the top 10 names below and the two longer lists of 50 from more than 485,000 insured pets in their database.  You can see the whole list of 50 and some photos of the pets at:

1. Pickle Von Corndog
2. Lord Chubby Pruneface
3. Badonkadonk
4. Ninjastar Dangerrock
5. Molly Mcboozehound
6. Dog Vadar
7. Flospy Squeakerton
8. Bettie Poops
9. Geez Louise
10. Barnaby Bones
1. Purr Diem

2. Bing Clawsby

3. Cleocatra

4. Admiral Pancake

5. Optimus Pants

6. Chairman Meow

7. Boo Manchu

8. Watts in a Name

9. Chenoa Azure Marshmellow-Puff

10. Senor Nachos

If you have an interesting, entertaining, unusual, or weird name for your pet of any kind or even a name that evokes a story, send them to Dr. Haveman at [email protected].  He’ll publish the best names and stories during future articles.  You may include a photo of your pet, too.  It should be fun.

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