Your opinion on: Why you overdrink, Thomas-Hill call, More…

Your opinion on: Why you overdrink, Thomas-Hill call, More…
Oregon Women’s Report Survey,

1. A survey of 85,000 respondents by UT Southwesten College showed that more women are binge drinking.  if you or “your friends” ever over-drink, what is the most likely reason that causes you to drink more than you intended? (answer here)

a) Peer pressure
b) Emotional release from stress, problems
c) Losing track of how many drinks you had

2. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia Thomas, recently left a home phone message with the woman , Anita Hill, who accused her husband of sexual harassment nearly 20 years ago in a high profile Senate hearing.   In the phone message Thomas’ Wife asked her to apologize.    Some see it as someone giving someone a chance to right a wrong and others see it as harassing someone who already has been harassed.   Was this an appropriate action by Virginia Thomas? (answer here)
a) Yes
b) No
c) undecided

3. The Oregonian reported that an Oregon English teacher in the small town of Elgin was briefly jailed for driving under the influence of alcohol.   Teacher Janet Marie Scoubes is being charged for accidentally smashing into a Sherriff’s car.  One bystander who leaped from the crash suffered minor injuries.    Scoubes has since returned to school. Some expressed concern that because she is in the position of role model for her students means that she should be fired or suspended.  What do you feel? (answer here)

A) fired
B) suspended
b) Reinstated

4. When Janet Marie Scoubes returned to school, she was welcomed back by staff and given a welcome back card signed by the fellow teachers.  Some complained that this was inappropriate.  How do you feel. (answer here)

A) Right — It is OK for fellow teachers to show support
B) Wrong — sends the wrong message

5. When you see early images or reminders of the holidays , do you
(answer here)

a) Feel stressed
B) expectations
c) neither

6. As of today, do you feel the missing Oregon boy Kyron Harmon will be discovered and the case resolved?
(answer here)
a) Yes
B) No
c) unknown

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