Giving in to the early Christmas madness

(Almost) Giving in to the Madness
By Jen Rouse
The Short Years

Oregon Blog

Every year, for the past couple of years, I have written a grouchy post about how Christmas is encroaching on Thanksgiving’s territory. About how people put up their Christmas lights earlier and earlier, how stores push their big retail bonanza right back to the beginning of November, practically skipping Thanksgiving altogether. If it’s mentioned at all, it’s just a as a prelude to the big shopping day. And get this? This year some stores are actually staying open on Thanksgiving itself, so people can get their pesky thankfulness and togetherness out of the way and then move right onto the main event: consumerism!

So okay, maybe I am still a little grouchy about it all.

But. This year, I have to confess something. Today, I was singing in the shower…and I had a sudden urge to break into “Jingle Bells.” Maybe it was watching my daughters rehearse an adorable Christmas dance routine at ballet class (for the record, I have no problem with pre-Thanksgiving rehearsals of Christmas-themed music). It was just so cute! And the song they were dancing to was really catchy. But still–it’s before Thanksgiving! I can’t be singing Christmas music yet.

And then later today I was at the store, and there was this whole display of Christmas CDs for $5 each…and I almost bought one! Not to play now, of course. But just to have, lying in wait, to break out after Thanksgiving. But then I came to my senses and put it back on the shelf.

I don’t know…maybe the curmudgeon in me is fading away this year. All I can say is, it’s only seven more days until the day after Thanksgiving. And apparently I’m definitely ready for the holiday season this year. Bring on Christmas!

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