7 last minute gift ideas — meaningful yet cheap!

Seven last minute gift ideas — meaningful and still cheap!
By Guest Opinion,

Here is the list of seven meaningful yet affordable gifts. Descriptions below

1. Poetry book
2. Live music CD
3. Comedy club certificate
4. Family Tree kits
5. Pet gifts
6. Family photo calendar
7. Mix-it up package

Now, here is why these will work….

1. Poetry book – Do not give books as gifts because most people do not take the time to read. Yet, a poetry anthology book is something that you can pick up, read anywhere and enjoy speedily. For added bonus personalize it by writing a message in the inside cover. Save more by buying a used poetry book.
2. Live music CD – Does your friend have a favorite artist? If so, you cannot fail by taking their favorite artist to the next level with a live music CD. Be free to buy used if you include it with another gift.
3. Comedy club certificate – Comedy club tickets are cheap compared to other venues and they come with a sense of unpredictability and excitement. BE careful on which comedian you choose to avoid the obscene ones.
4. Family Tree kit – You can buy Family Tree software or books for under $20. It is meaningful, fun and helpful gift to give. Most families either need to start a family tree or could use tools to make theirs better.
5. Pet gifts – For animal lovers you can make them happy by making their pet happy. The good news is that you can get lots of pet play toys for cheap prices. Add in pet treats to make it a mini-basket of items. Trust me, a pet lover will use your gift within hours of receiving it.
6. Family photo calendar – Buy a cheap inexpensive generic calendar for $2.00 at an office supply store. Gather family photos and copy them on sheets at a copy store for 88 cents a page (12 months worth). Either assemble the calendar yourself or put it together and have the same copy store bind it for you.
7. Mix-it up package – Interchange small gifts around a similar theme. If you give movie passes add in a bag of popcorn or licorice. If you buy bath oils add in a relaxation CD.

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