“Code Pink Boot Camp” comes to Oregon…fitness for women at every level

Oregon Expansion Set for 2011
by Laurena Marrone
Code Pink Boot Camp

Code Pink Women’s Fitness Boot Camp is expanding to Oregon.  The highly acclaimed women’s fitness programs in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas, has successfully expanded its operations to Oregon. The company established its first fitness and well-being boot camp in Lake Oswego this past October and plans for more Oregon locations are in the works.

Code Pink Boot Camp was founded and operated by a former Oregonian and fitness expert Christina Lucy, who designed the program specifically for women. The company offers innovative, intensive fitness and overall well-being programs for women of all ages and fitness levels.  Specialized training in a particular skill or aspect of fitness, such as Pilates or kickboxing is also offered.

Founded in 2008 in Orange County, California, the Code Pink Boot Camp roster of programs met with great success in the area. After expanding to Arizona and Colorado, it is now offering programs in Texas and Oregon. Presently, Code Pink Boot Camp is established in Lake Oswego, and will further expand within Oregon in 2011.  For founder and leader Christina Lucy, this is actually a natural move, as she lived in Oregon for several years before relocating to Orange County and starting her fitness enterprise.

Lucy saw the need for women of every shape, size, and fitness level–women who aren’t athletically gifted–to be encouraged and achieve new levels of fitness they never thought possible on their own. It became her motto: “Achieve what you thought was impossible!”

If you’re looking for new motivation and new fitness partners in the New Year, YOU can attend a FREE seminar by Code Pink Boot Camp Founder Christina Lucy this coming Tuesday.  Find the details below!

Code Pink Boot Camp! Facts, Myths… and Fast Fitness for 2011

  • Join Code Pink Boot Camp Founder Christina Lucy and Trainer Teresa Wymetalek for a high energy presentation about what this fun and results-oriented fitness craze is all about!  From workout components to nutrition, well being and more, Christina will give you an exclusive glimpse inside the program and her inspiration for creating Code Pink Boot Camp. She’ll also reveal the ways that YOU can get fit fast in 2011!
    Stay on hand for a short demonstration (or try it yourself!) and gear up for the January session!
    Tuesday, January 4
    6:45 a.m.
    Lake Oswego High School
    Multi Purpose Room
    2501 Country Club Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
    RSVP to: Laurena Marrone, 503.887.2644

About Code Pink Boot Camp:
Founded by fitness expert Christina Lucy in 2008, Code Pink Boot Camp organizes fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being programs, seminars, events, and fundraisers in California, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon and Texas.  To learn more, please visit www.codepinkbootcamp.com .

For media inquiries, please contact Laurena Marrone at 503.887.2644 or email [email protected].