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Saving Money…by following blogs
by Brittanie
Oregon Blogger
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Another way you can save money is coupons.. and especially now that there are SOO many bloggers doing all the hard work for you! It doesn’t cost anything to follow these bloggers and pick and choose what your family can use as far as the groceries go.

Some places want you to buy coupons or pay to sign up but that kind of defeats the purpose. Although there are a few times I will pay for coupons, on EBAY! But rarely, usually if I can find the “any Beef” or “any chicken” “or any cheese” then I will, and occasionally for soft drinks.  The way it works on ebay is you are bidding for a BUNCH of the same coupon, so you need to be prepared to stock up and USE the coupons so you get your money’s worth. Here are some of the great couponing sites that have daily and weekly deals, for the major grocers and even some online sources.

Ok those are my most used/favorite 4.  But find ones that are specific to your area too — and don’t forget facebook.

Most recommend you subscribe to the paper to get some of the coupons, but if you do that and you aren’t a paper reader, see if you can subscribe for just Wed. and Sunday, it’s usually a discounted rate and then the coupons and weekly advertisements are delivered right to you!  Also Facebook has some GREAT exclusive coupons, become a “fan” of products you use and they notify you right on the news feed of coupons you can print right there.

Target is one of my favorite places to use coupons because they allow you to use their coupons AND manufacturer coupons.. I especially like it when they match up with their $5 gift cards they give out occasionally. So follow one or all of these blogs and I am sure in the few minutes it will take to read this week’s deals you could find some things your family uses and get a great deal on them.

I *try* to put the money we saved from coupons/sale price matching towards paying stuff off.. I hope to be better at it next year and better at couponing, yes it takes time but if it’s helping us get where we want to be then it’s worth the time.  If I remember maybe I will keep track of how much I can save on groceries in 2011.

What else do y’all do to save money?

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