Have you found it?…the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

I have found it!
By Jen Rouse
The Short Years

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The perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I can rest now. My life is complete. The end.

OK, I can’t even really say that I “found” this recipe. It’s not as though I had been scouring cookbooks and websites for chocolate chip cookie recipes, testing batch after batch, always throwing up my hands in defeat, until I found this one.

I just knew that whenever I did make chocolate chip cookies, no matter what recipe I tried, something was not quite right. Too much butter=thin and goopy that cools off into hard and crunchy. Too much flour=dry and cakey that cools off into non-flavorful lumps. I had one pretty good recipe that was my stand-by recipe. I got it from an old church cookbook, and it contained the random ingredient of a package full of powdered vanilla pudding. These cookies tasted good, but I always had to make sure I had a package of vanilla pudding on hand to make them. And, if one is attempting to cook using only real ingredients, not powdered and chemical-ized ingredients, then dry vanilla pudding mix is not what you’re looking for in a cookie.

And then, the other day, Heather of Muddy Creek Creations posted “Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies” on her blog. And they looked delicious, and today I made them, and now I can die a happy woman. The perfect chocolate chip cookie! Just gooey and buttery enough to be soft and tasty and melt in your mouth perfection.

I put mini M&Ms in mine, instead of chocolate chips. Because that’s what I had in my cupboard, instead of chocolate chips. And if you’re questioning the strength of my opinions, considering I was all self-righteous about no “fake” ingredients two paragraphs ago, and now I am showing you a picture of cookies speckled with neon-bright candies…well, go ahead and question them. My food convictions are fairly wobbly. I can easily toss out powdered vanilla pudding and feel that I’m being “healthy,” but still make an exception for M&Ms. It’s M&Ms! Yummy, yummy M&Ms.

Here’s another nice thing about this recipe: it doesn’t make a huge batch. This made just under two dozen. It probably would have been an even two dozen if Evie and I had not enjoyed the dough so much. This was the perfect amount for today–enough for me to stuff a Ziplock full and take them along with a meal I was sending to a friend with a new baby, and then have just a few left over for the girls and I to enjoy. Because I looooove baking, but I don’t really love having baked goods hanging around the house, because I have no willpower and I just eat them. Make them, enjoy a few, get rid of them! That’s what I have to do. And this recipe could easily be doubled if you wanted to make a bigger batch for a group.

So thanks, Heather, for the delicious recipe. This one’s a keeper. Click over to her blog for the recipe and details. (warning: she’s been celebrating cookie week over on her blog with bunches of scrumptious-looking recipes. Read at your own risk!)

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