Kids must buy-in for effective motivation

Motivation ~ How This Parent Motivates Kids by Setting Goals Together
by Jean Tracy
NW Writer

We want to raise motivated kids. We want them to achieve the goals we set for them. What’s wrong with that? Plenty! Let’s find out why from this mom and what she did about it.

I believe that the strongest motivator when setting goals is the “buy in.”  What I mean by that is who’s goal is it that your child is achieving?  I found, through much trial and error, that the goals my children failed to achieve were the ones I or someone else set for them.

When we learned to communicate and set goals together, they were much more likely to succeed because they were passionate and could visualize the results.  It has also made them much more goal oriented because they have felt the effects of both achieving and failing at something they set their mind on.

When they failed at something I put out there for them… They didn’t take ownership or accountability because “it wasn’t their idea anyway!” When they hit an obstacle on the path to their own goal they were more creative in finding a way around it…and prouder of themselves when they accomplished it.”    (Posted by Tara Kennedy-Kline)

Do you like this mom’s “buy in” idea? Have you ever been expected to achieve a goal that someone set for you? Have you ever rebelled because you didn’t “buy in” to the goal? This mom sits down with her kids and teaches them how to set the goals they want to achieve. She found they:

1.  Could visualize their goal.
2.  Took responsibility for their goal.
3.  Became passionate about achieving their goal.
4.  Found solutions to the obstacles to their goal.
5.  Felt proud when they achieved their goal.

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