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Saving Money.. on books!
by Brittanie
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I kinda talked about this before, over a year ago and I didn’t get into it too much so thought I would share another way I save money easily.  Paperbackswap is a FREE website that allows you to trade in your books for credits, you can then use your credits for books, cd’s and audio books.

Here is how it works, after you sign up you need to list the books you are willing to mail to someone else (usually about $2 using media mail). It is very easy to list them, no pictures, no fee’s just post the serial number on the book and determine what condition you think they are in, that’s it!

When someone wants your book you get notification via email, then print the mailing label and drop it off at the post office, that’s it, once they receive the book you get a credit. I know it seems a little weird to pay for the shipping but you get free shipping on the ones that are sent to you, and for me it would take more than the $2 to drive into town to get to Borders and Barnes and Noble is even farther!  I am pretty sure you still get a few credits just for signing up too, I did, but I don’t remember how many.

When you “order” a book you do not pay anything to have it shipped to you either.  So if you are continuing to post the books you have finished then you continue to get credits! You can create a wish list and be notified when books on your wish list become available! They have all kinds of books available, kids books, young adult and how to books! I just ordered a Suze Orman book and added the Dave Ramsey book to my wish list.

I love getting books/magazines in the mail, some days it is SO nice to have a new little escape from the chaos!

And the library is another great way to get books and magazines, obviously borrowing them has some pro’s and con’s. I take advantage of our library’s magazine swap. It’s free to bring magazines you are done with and take any you have an interest in. I was lucky to pick up a few Country Home Magazines a while back ( I SO miss that magazine!)  I think hubby appreciates me not filling the recycling bin with magazines too.

I’d really hate to give up reading books to stay on budget so this really helps us!

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