New Year, New Hope

By Erika Weisensee, Oregon Writer

The beginning of a new year is a time when many people resolve to make positive changes in their lives.  It is a time for fresh starts. It is also a time for hope.

I hope my family will grow in 2011 by the miracle of adoption. My husband and I have worked hard to make this happen. Now, we are waiting for news about the child who will become part of our family. The process of adopting is long and difficult, yet we are buoyed by hope.

As 2011 looms ever closer, here are some other hopes on my mind:

Here’s hoping the economy takes a strong turn in the right direction.

Here’s hoping those suffering find comfort in those they love.

Here’s hoping those able to give continue to give to people in need.

Here’s hoping you and yours are safe, happy and healthy in the New Year.

Here’s hoping. . . .


Erika Weisensee is a native Oregonian, a writer and a mom.

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