One more week at home? Three tips for investing in your child’s self-respect

“For teaching kids self-respect, what do parents need to know?”
by Jean Tracy
NW Writer

I asked my friend, Sharon Pahlka. Sharon, a social worker and life coach at Sharon gave me 3 powerful answers.  You matter,” she answered.

What do you mean? Sharon’s spiritual answer was, “God holds each of us in high esteem. We are made in His image. Children need to know that for self-respect. It’s easier to love and respect yourself when ‘Somebody’ loves you.”

Q: What can parents do to make their kids feel loved? 

A: “Take time for each child. When parents don’t take time for their children, it makes it difficult for those kids to feel valued and respected. They don’t feel worth their parents’ time.”

Sharon revealed she grew up in a single parent home where alcohol was involved. She felt alone except for Sister Ruth who let her clean her chalk boards after school. Sharon felt loved and knew she mattered to Sister Ruth. Sharon was 10-years-old. She also spent time sitting alone in Church. She felt loved there too. This became the core of her own self-respect.

Q:  What are some specific ways parents can help children feel loved and respected?

A: “Parents would say, ‘I love you’ often and with meaning. They would sit down with kids and explain things. They’d  talk about treating others well because we are all valuable. They’d play games with their kids and laugh a lot.”

Sharon believes kids would be less likely to be talked into doing things that are wrong, if they had a healthy self-respect.

One thing Sharon is proud of, she has 8 grandchildren. Her son and his wife adopted them all and have dedicated their lives to raising them in a loving home.
So What Are the 3 Essential Truths Parents Need for Teaching Kids Self-Respect?
1. To make sure their kids know they matter.
2. To give their time to their children.
3. To say “I Iove you,” often, play and laugh a lot.

In spite of Sharon’s difficult background, she is one of the most positive and funny people I know. She has the special gift for making people feel great.  I left Sharon feeling I had been in the presence of a wise, loving, and spirtual person.

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