Cell phone users nearing 100% of population

Cell phone users nearing 100% of population
By Evergreen,
Oregon writer

About 93% of Americans use either a cell-phone or a wire-less device. Nearly a third of those electronic devices are higher tech gadgets allowing people to check their emails or browse the internet. Is that 93% correct? Really? Put in simple terms, in a room of 100 people there will be only 7% not connected to a wireless device (hearing aids do not count). I know we are always reminded of the prevalence of cell-phones when you hear them go off in a crowded room and a dozen people begin checking their pants to see if it is them.   That is a sign of high wireless use.   Yet, 93% still seems high.

And just who are the 7%? Are they all senior citizens and technophobes?

This avalanche of electronic communications why journalists are saying that 2010 was the year we Stopped Talking to One Another”. This cannot be good.

Below is a good CBS News video on how to tell if you are addicted to your cell-phone. They even compare digital addicts to slot machine gamblers who crave the next win (or in this case an exciting call/texting).

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