How people respond to bad restaurant service

How people respond to bad restaurant service
Women’s Report Survey Results;

We posed the question of bad restaurant service to our Women’s Report readers to see how they would respond.  The question asked was, “When you get terrible service in a restaurant outside of mentioning it to the waiter how are you most likely to respond?”  The answers were, 56% said “Do nothing. Never return”, 22% said “Comment to manager”, 17% said, “Leave no tip” and 5% said, “Leave a note”.

Comments from survey listed below:
— Depends. if busy, I sympathize but carelessness, not so much

— None of the above…someone was just probably having a bad day.

— I’m used to bad service, but I’ve never had “terrible” service.
— I tell manager. telling the waiter would probably cause more problems.

—  But I would probably not go back and also tell my friends.
— What good would it do to speak up?

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