Metaphorical mishap flushes 2010, welcomes the New Year!

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by Kelsey
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2010 can be summed up so beautifully by the last major event of its existence.  An overflowing toilet.

As I threw a few dozen towels on the bathroom floor to soak up the majority of the mess, I tried to maintain the same optimism that got this family through such a difficult 365 days.  “At least I have a bathroom to flood!  At least the floor is getting a thorough mopping (with fecal water)!  At least, at least…!”

Oh screw it.  It’s time to throw in the literal and metaphorical towel.

Although utterly shitty in so many ways, again, literal and metaphorical, 2010 was a year of growth.  Isn’t that how it works?  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?  I will remember this year as the year that Jordon and I bound together, uniting during a time that many couples divide.  This was the year that both Jordon and I accepted our weaknesses, embraced them and thanked them for allowing us to discover our strengths.

I will remember this year as a time of personal growth as well.  This is the first time since having children that I can envision my future in a fairly specific way.  Although I know that anything can happen, I look to 2011 as a year of stability and goal achievement.  I am excited to begin implementing plans and to have something tangible to show at the end of the next 12 months.

So as I say syonara to the Year of Shit, I’d like to take a moment for a few quick shout-outs.  One to God, who knew this year would be unbearable and so gifted us with Coral, the most amazing girl in the world to help soften the blow, and also to my family and friends who manage to put into perspective the things that matter the most, over and over again.

This SLIDESHOW was made with one of my goals of 2011 in mind; imperfection.  The pictures aren’t edited, a few of them are out of order, and some of my favorite photos didn’t make the cut for technical reasons, but it’s finished.  I completed a project and didn’t allow my high standards to get in the way.

(2010:  Brought to you by Modest Mouse and Windows Live Movie Maker)

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