Save Kevin James from being air brushed

Save Kevin James from being air brushed
BY Evergreen,
Oregon writer

When I saw the movie poster of Kevin James for the movie The Dilemma I instantly knew something was wrong. The man on the Dilemma poster was not the Kevin James I knew from his movies and King of Queens TV series. It looks like they stretched the photo vertically. Even Vince Vaughn looks stretched. His forehead looks larger than his face. Compare the Dilemma movie poster with a scene from the movie. Nonetheless, there is no need to air brush or to artificially thin Kevin. Kevin James is a very human actor and funny comedian. We like him just the way he is.

The idea that by making Mr. James more normal will somehow improve box office ticket sales is just absurd. The larger problem is that if this is the new norm for Kevin may become a long term trend of Hollywood execs trying to re-arrange his image. This is a bad path to travel and completely unnecessary.
Kevin James we love you just the way you are.

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