Tween’s take on getting and giving respect

Respect ~ Interview with a Tween: How Do Kids Know Their Parents Respect Them?

by Jean Tracy, MSS

Kids get a sense of when parents respect them. They know by their parents’ words and actions too.  Have you ever wondered what your child might say, if your child was asked, “How do kids know their parents respect them?

I asked 12-year-old Dani. She offered 6 ways a child would know. She also offered 4 ways respected kids would treat others. Read her answers below.

How Do Children Know Their Parents Respect Them?

1.  Parents would be kind.

2.  They wouldn’t yell. They’d speak in a respectful voice.

3.  They would take time to understand their kids.

4.  They would listen to their kids.

5.  They would compliment their kids.

6.  They would hug and kiss their kids.

How Would Respected Kids Respect Their Parents and Others?

1.  The respected kids would be polite.

2.  They’d do nice things for their parents.

3.  They’d show other kids they are important too.

4.  They’d be respectful to others even if they didn’t like them.

Conclusion ~ How Do Kids Know Their Parents Respect Them?

I came away with respect for Dani. As a tween, it was easy to see she had her own thoughts and they were good.

Not all tweens have great parents. It’s harder for them to be polite and respectful when they’re treated with disrespect. Yet, Dani’s list isn’t hard for parents to follow. It just takes remembering and practice.

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With warm wishes,

Jean Tracy, MSS

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